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  • Laurel Brook Turf Sod

    Our Sod

    Kentucky Bluegrass Sod:
    Cool-season grass with dark green color; dense, beautiful appearance; medium leaf texture; and excellent leaf uniformity.

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  • Benefits of LBT Sod

    Sod Benefits

    There are many benefits to using sod. Sod helps conserve water and prevent soil erosion. Sod dissipates heat, moderating temperature. Sod reduces dust and glare. Sod abates noise. Sod replenishes ground water.

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  • About Laurel Brook Turf

    About Us

    Laurel Brook Turf is a family-run company that was formed in 1984 to directly harvest, sell, and deliver sod produced by Laurel Brook Farms, another family-run corporation that had been growing and wholesaling sod throughout New England...

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