Laurel Brook Turf, Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation that was formed in 1984 to directly harvest, sell and deliver sod produced by Laurel Brook Farms, another family owned corporation owned by Deb's parents, that had been growing and wholesaling potatoes since 1957 and sod since 1971. In 1993, Laurel Brook Farms began the transfer of all turf responsibilities to Laurel Brook Turf and retired from both sod and potato production. These companies represent the third and fourth generations of our family farming in South County, Rhode Island. Our fifth generation has already taken over many managerial responsibilities and the sixth helps out as often as possible.
As a family run business, your calls are answered by our family. We are here to answer all of your inquiries and questions, help determine your needs and ensure that you receive what you need when you want it. We deliver to all types of customers: landscapers, nurseries, contractors and homeowners.
We blend grass seed of the highest purity to offer you premium Kentucky Bluegrass blends that thrive in New England temperatures. Our blends are constantly being evaluated and upgraded to new and innovative seed varieties to provide our customers with sod that is drought tolerant, disease resistant, shade tolerant, retains a dark green color and maintains a lush thickness that helps crowd out weeds.
In order to provide the highest quality possible, all sod is cut to order. We prefer orders be placed two days prior to desired delivery. We cut the afternoon preceding morning deliveries or in the morning for late morning deliveries. All deliveries arrive with a forklift that the driver uses to secure prompt and proper placement of sod pallets in designated areas. All field pickup orders should be placed by morning for afternoon pickups and by the afternoon before for a morning FPU so that your order is ready upon your arrival. 
Please call us - we would be happy to discuss your plans with you and quote your project.


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